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A women-led company proudly owned and operated by local veterinary staff in the greater Nashville area

Veterinary Partners

  • Improved quality of care

  • Reduced recovery times

  • Increased compliance with treatment protocols

  • Improved patient outcomes

  • Reduced emotional stress for patients & families during the treatment & recovery process

  • Detailed medical progress notes of every visit, including photos or video footage when necessary (i.e. seizures, wound care..)

  • Improved accuracy of biometric data collected from the patient in their less stressful home environment

  • All of this at ZERO cost to you!

Benefits of working with Companion Care Pet Nursing:

Improving patient care - together.

Do you have clients struggling with medical management at home? Clients that are uncomfortable with nursing care or unable to administer medications due to uncooperative patients? Clients that cannot maintain compliance simply because of their busy schedules? We can help!

Companion Care PN provides in-home assistance with treatments and nursing care for your patients during the evening and weekend hours when you are not available.  While we are NOT a substitute for veterinary care, we are an extension of care via in home assistance - all offered as a courtesy from you to your clients!


A medical progress note including vital measurements, treatment details, photos, and video are recorded into our software and sent immediately to you upon completion of each visit.  This enables you to monitor your patient's response to treatment throughout the recovery, illness, or disease process. ​Click on our Nursing Care page to see what treatments we can offer assistance with.

Medical Director: Ranetta D. Perkins, DVM