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A women-led company proudly owned and operated by local veterinary staff in the greater Nashville area

Services & Pricing Guide


A typical 15-25 minute visit includes providing fresh food and water, litter box scooping, up to 3 medications administered (if needed), and lots of love!  A journal entry for each visit with details and pictures will be sent upon completion.

Initial meeting with you and your pet(s) to discuss your pet’s needs, review and sign forms, answer any remaining questions, and pick up keys for pet sitting.  During this meeting we will interact with your pets, helping them to feel comfortable with us as well as familiarizing ourselves with your home & pet routine. Meet & Greet visits are only required once per household (unless you move) and typically take 20-30 minutes.  We like to be as thorough as possible and ask that you be prepared prior to arrival so that all parties are able to make efficient use of our time together.

MEET & GREET (no charge)


In order for us to provide pet nursing services for your pet(s), both Tennessee state law and the American Veterinary Medical Association mandate that our Medical Director, Dr. Ranetta Perkins, must perform a physical exam on each pet receiving our services on an annual basis.  This requirement maintains the veterinarian-client-patient-relationship necessary to facilitate medical care for your pet(s) and gives us more insight into your pet’s overall health. Annual exam visits are not diagnostic exams, they are a general once-over, typically taking only 5-10 minutes per pet. The fee for this service covers the exam performed as well as the cost of the pet’s registration and paperwork.  Please note if you have more than one pet within the household, the first pet’s fee is $40 and each additional pet’s exam is discounted at $20. New clients get their first annual exam at NO CHARGE!

MEDICAL EXAM (nursing care only)- $40/year  ( 1st year free of charge!)


A typically 25-35 minute visit includes providing fresh food and water, a potty break (+/- a walk around the block), up to 3 medications administered (if needed), and lots of love!  A journal entry for each visit with details and pictures will be sent upon completion.



 We offer hourly petsitting for clients who prefer someone to stay with their littles while running errands.  $50 per hour up to 4 hours at a time.  Limited availability.



We pledge to always give back.  For every pet sitting and/or nursing care visit we make, we donate $1 to Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue, a local non-profit organization that has a passion for saving senior, special needs, and hospice dogs from shelter life and euthanasia.  

A quick drop in for those who need a mid-day potty break and/or medications, typically lasting between 10-15 minutes.  


A 10-11 hour visit from dinner to breakfast!  Includes both a morning and an evening potty break +/- walk, feeding, medications, and lots of love in between!  We will also care for your home by watering plants, rotating blinds/curtains, bringing in the mail, taking the trash out, and more.  It's just like you were home!

OVERNIGHT CARE  - $125 per overnight stay (no limit on pets)


Base travel fee for all medical progress visits.  This is required to be prepaid when scheduling an appointment.  Upon completion of the visit, the remainder of services performed (which vary in price according to treatment needed) will be invoiced and charged to the card you have chosen to keep on file.

MEDICAL PROGRESS VISIT -     $40 travel fee + treatments


​Feline Pet Sitting:

  • 10 visits = $180    (10% savings)

  • 20 visits = $340    (15% savings)

  • 30 visits = $480    (20% savings)

Canine Pet Sitting:

  • 10 visits = $270    (10% savings)

  • 20 visits = $510    (15% savings)

  • 30 visits = $720    (20% savings)


 - bundle and save up to 20%!!!



$20 for each service

Nail Trims & Anal Glands

$20 for each service

Ear Flush & Sanitary Clip

$5/oral    $10/injection

Medication Administration

$35 for subcutaneous 

Fluid Administration