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A women-led company proudly owned and operated by local veterinary staff in the greater Nashville area

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Amazing medical advancements and intricate procedures in veterinary medicine save thousands of pets' lives every day. Those same pets often require very complicated nursing care after having operations, acute illnesses or chronic diseases diagnosed. Complex medical discharge instructions can lead to confusion and stress for pet owners.  This regularly results in extended patient recovery time and in some cases, re-admittance to the hospital or pet ER.


The staff at Companion Care PN are a team of licensed veterinary technicians and assistants dedicated to providing compassionate in-home pet care to your furry loved ones.  We have decades of experience combined in both general practice and emergency veterinary medicine, working alongside local veterinary doctors.    

By working with these veterinarians side by side, we are able to offer their patients in-home nursing assistance, as well as individualized pet sitting by experienced & trusted veterinary professionals.  


While our pet sitting visits are for everyone, our medical progress visits are a referral-only service, directly from your primary veterinarian. This means that every treatment is specifically tailored to the patient from their very own doctor!  Each visit is thoroughly detailed, documented, and immediately sent to the attending veterinarian upon completion.  The doctor is then able to monitor your loved one much closer at home - throughout the entire illness or disease process.

Medical Director: Ranetta D. Perkins, DVM